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Welcome to the Kuopio Student Theatre (KYT)

KYT comprises of youths & young adults, ambitious hobbyists with a passion for theatre in all its forms.

Annually we produce one or two new plays along with improv, gigs and whatnot, not forgetting socializing & fun.

You don't have to be a student to join us, we're always looking for good folks interested in writing, directing, production, set, stagecraft (light, sound, FX, video, tech, etc.) and of course, acting. In addition to theatric arts we occasionally dabble in air-plays, music videos & short film. We hold auditions every autumn for new members. Folks with already some good theatre experience may be able to jump in mid-term. We currently do not have a stage of our own.

Founded in 1977 Kuopio Student Theatre (Kuopion ylioppilasteatteri, KYT) has become an institution of the cultural life in Kuopio. In the 2000's KYT has also become an active participant in SYTY, the Finnish union of student theatres. KYT is in frequent contact & collaboration with Kuopio City Theatre, Dance Theatre Minimi, Kallava Theatre Festival and many others. KYT currently has around 20 active members.